Dave at the BBC

Stephen Fry Gadget Man     Ep4 Fun & Games   23.30’ (Avid offline)     North One Televison/ C4
  Stephen Fry’s love of gadgets takes him to the pub and park

That's Britain                          Video inserts various                          Wall to Wall/BBC1
  Bus conductor, Bin Cops, dog fowling and Stanley Johnson

Phil Spencer Secret Agent             8 x 47mins (Avid offline)                 Raise the Roof/C4
  Phil's one man mission to get the property market moving  

3 Minute Wonder                         3 x 3’ short films (offline)                  eye film & TV/C4
  Trailers for 'The Place Prize' contemporary dance's top award

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 This Time Next Year             3 x 3’ short films (offline)                  Amirani films/C4
  3 people make new year resolutions for the slot that follows C4 evening news

 NOW TV                        Video inserts 2000 –1 (online)                             TWI/NOW
  Pioneering internet TV broadcasting

 BBC East                              news (online)                                                    BBC East
  Regional News occasional editor 2000 - 1

 BBC promos                      Channel & program promos (offline)                                 BBC
  Promotional inserts for BBC 4

 Days of Thunder                   3 x 60’ international version (off + online)             PMA TV
  British NasCar racing

 This Morning                          Video inserts 2001 –2                                 Granada/ITV1
  Occasional editor

 Futbol Mundial                               Package editing (offline)                                    TWI /Sky
  Football magazine show occasional editor

 The European Tour Weekly           Package editing (offline)                                 TWI /Sky
  Golf magazine show occasional editor

 Hotel Babylon                                 Video inserts (offline)                                  Planet 24/ C4
  Youth magazine show occasional editor

 The Greatest                         4 x 3’ Sporting legend portraits                      TWI /C4
  Vote for the Greatest British Sportsman           

 Talkin' Jazz                         Package editing (offline)                    NBC Superchannel
  Jazz magazine show occasional editor

 Air & Style                                      30’ Sports (offline)                                              MTV
  World Skateboard championship

 TV Land and Paramount                   Channel & program promos (offline)                 Paramount
  Trailer editing and channel idents

                                          tel   07771 766593           email dave@dbarry.co.uk