Dressed to Impress  Ep16                         1 x 44’ (Avid offline)                               ITV/ITV2                 Three gents try to impress Manchester girl Chelsea with their choice of outfits for her

Jersey Combat Ep3                                    45’ (offline Avid)                             Firecracker/Nat Geo
Behind the doors of IMA; worlds largest military memorabilia retail business.

Last Chance Driving School                      21' (offline FCP)                                    Firecracker/ AETN
Queens Driving School NY, mad, bad and dangerous drivers are learning to drive on NY's mean Streets

Massive Moves Ep13                     22’ (offline Avid)                               Windfall films/ HGTV
Thrills & spills as Lana & Carleton open a 5 star hotel without any previous experience of the hotel trade.

World’s Toughest Trucker Ep3 Brazil         46’ (offline Avid)                      Dragonfly/Discovery/C5
8 truckers rattle around the world to win a first prize of $150,000

Impaled!                                46' (Final Cut Pro offline)                 Oxford Scientific/Disco
Investigates how five lucky individuals survived life-threatening impalements, against all odds

Hell to Hotel                            10 x 60’ series (offline)                     eye film & TV/UK Style
Thrills & spills as Lana & Carleton open a 5 star hotel without any previous experience of the hotel trade.

Hell to Hotel                           10 x 30’ series (offline)                   eye film & TV/ITVAnglia
Shorter version of Lana's & Carleton's hotel hell

How Clean is your Crime Scene?              10 x 44’ series (offline)                  Talent TV/Steel Spydia
These crime scene cleaners clearing up after homicide, suicide and accidental death.

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Celebrity Going Home              6 x 30’ series (off + online)                        eye film & TV/ITVAnglia
Celebrities are taken back to their childhood homes and reminisce, narrated by John Peel.

Kollege                           60’ Reality TV pilot (off + online)                      Chirnside /Sky
Entertaining look at student life, warts and all.

Cruel Holiday                     5 x 30’ Reality TV (offline)                       Brighter Pictures/Trouble
Thrill-seeking contestants get the ultimate summer buzz on the seaside holiday from hell.

Psychic School                               5 x 60’ Reality TV (online)                                   IPM/Living TV
Ten trainee psychics are schooled in every area of the psychic arts in Scotland ’s most haunted castle.

Psychic Private Eyes                       14 x 50’ series (off +online)                            IPM/Zone Media
Psychic detectives Colin Fry, T. J. Higgs & Tony Stockwell investigates unsolved mysteries....

Psychic Detective                            3 x 50’ series (off +online)                                 IPM/Living TV
Psychic detective Tony Stockwell investigates unsolved mysteries....

6ixth Sense with Colin Fry              60 x 30’ series (off +online)                               IPM/Living TV
Medium Colin Fry connects with a studio audience.


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